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DreamShot CGI is a UK production house that specialises in Product Imagery & Character-based storytelling.
We produce moving and still imagery. We are the go-to team for product imagery & character animation.

Our team of award-winning creative artists and technical engineers ensure we deliver content to support your business vision.

Whether you need storytelling or are an entrepreneur looking to visualise a concept, an organisation with detailed designs or you have already manufactured your product - we can build capability to deliver impossibly good imagery on demand for your needs.

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We’re more than technical artists, we’re visionaries.  We consistently push the limits of what’s possible to help create the vision for your needs, and then bring that vision to life. 


Unlike other studios, we work back from vision and holistically employ the right technologies to deliver impossibly good imagery on demand for you needs.



We continuously invest in speed. 'RTX' graphics cards and 'Threadripping' CPUs have made previously impossible timescales - possible - but only with a production house that has the goodwill and burning passion to make the necessary investments.  We invest obsessively in the latest technology to enable more creative iterations, greater service flexibility and higher fidelity deliverables.



We know we're doing it right, when our work appears like magic to your eyes.  Clients have sent us sketches on napkins (with coffee stains) and we've turned that into stunning ultra high-definition concept imagery.  Of course, we'll ask if you have CAD files, but whatever your answer is - we'll work around you with uncompromising quality control and vision.

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Woody Allen once said that 80 percent of success is showing up. If that's true, then the other 20 percent of success is following up.


Entrepreneurs often fail on both these counts.


Showing up is more than putting in a physical appearance, it's intellectually showing up. When you show up intellectually it means you are truly listening to your customer’s needs and pain points and crafting a solution to their problems. Instead, too many solution providers come into a sales call with a solution in mind and then expend copious amounts of energy trying to convince the customer that the prefabricated solution will fit the customer’s needs.


When you sell hammers, all you see is nails.


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